Portuguese Punctuation Made Simple

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Course Description

Speaking is the most important thing when it comes to learning Portuguese.

But that's not the only one. Sometimes you need to communicate in written form. You have to write emails, send text messages, or even write a letter.

Although you can convey your emotion in speaking with your intonation, you can't do that with intonation in writing.

At least not with the inflection of your voice.

You have to use punctuation to achieve that goal.

And that's what this course is about. It's about giving you the basic tools to use punctuation — and accent marks — properly.

This is not an in-depth course. It's rather an introduction to make it easy to learn punctuation and accent use.

Each module allows you to add your comments and ask questions. In the final module, you'll have some exercises to practice what you've been learning.

And you are invited to post your thoughts on the students' forum, too.

Course Content

Introductory Module

Here we set our three main goals. Instead of trying to learn everything there is to learn about punctuation, we're going to develop a piece of foundational knowledge. In this way, when we need to go farther, we already know something.
Introductory Module - Our Goals

Main Modules

Here you're going to be introduced to the three main functions that punctuation has in writing — establishing pauses and rhythm, establishing intonation, and doing some things you only achieve with voice.
Module 1: Pausas
Module 2: Entonação
Module 3: Miscelânea

Bonus Module: Acentuação

In this bonus module, you're going to see the basic rules of using accent marks in Portuguese. Of course, you might feel there's too much to learn — don't worry. Learning the basic rules of accent mark usage in Portuguese will help you notice those things in action when you read. And the more you read the better you will understand.
Bonus Module: Acentuação